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Rossmore Dairy 5 year plan


The herd was bred for fertility, health and BCS/Appetite since the late 1980's using Dutch HF young/unproven bulls like Victorie (VIC EBI €190, BCS +0.22), Bos Ripp (BRI EBI €115, BCS +0.92) and Triosex (TSX EBI €93, BCS +0.34). These still rank among the top HF bulls for health and fertility in the world and the best 25 year old bulls for EBI.

In the late 80's Sunny Boy (SSB EBI €42, BCS -1.05) was all the rage and Doreen Corrigan described Jabot (DCJ EBI - €111, BCS -1.20) as the best bull in the world, he really bombed it when his fertility and health figures became known but we already knew this after seeing his daughters in Holland.

In the mid 90's instead of using the best HF bulls to fix herd problems we used the best bulls from the best health/fertility breeds. Swedish/Danish Red bulls S315 Hulan (EBI €215, BCS +1.60) and Fyn Rosen (EBI €142, BCS +0.92) were used a lot as young bulls. In 2001 we crossed the complete herd with BGX (EBI €198, BCS +1.68) and ULK (EBI €243, BCS +1.38) the highest fertility bulls from the highest fertility breeds in the world, they had a dramatic effect on fertility, health and longevity.

Herd fertility went from 40/100 cows calved in February to 80/100 calved in February in a few years. Their offspring were crossed with Rotbunts and Montys with mixed results. In 2008 we bit the bullet and crossed the complete herd with Jersey with amazing results. Jersey bulls with good Kgs Pr, Body Condition scores, Capacity, Fertility and SCC figures were picked.

Bull Selection Criteria